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Looking for prefinished hemlock, cedar, fir? Alternatives like fiber cement siding or composite siding? Start dreaming with an unlimited pre-finished color palette at your disposal. Our coating process ensures a beautifully consistent finish every time. Whether the material is procured by Woodtone or you, every project is completed in a factory controlled environment. We coat your project to achieve the exact look and finish that you want. We can provide you with pre-finished siding, trim accessories and more.

Prefinished Fiber Cement

Prefinished Engineered Wood

Prefinished Wood

pre-finished siding color
color pre-finished siding and trim
pre-finished siding color and trim

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Why limit yourself to those same 12 colors? We make it easy to get exactly what you want. We can coat wood, fiber cement, composite and more, and we're able to match virtually any color. Don't settle for ordinary. Let us make your home extraordinary. 


Our proprietary coating process has been engineered to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring a beautifully consistent finish with exceptional durability for years to come. Woodtone endeavors to select Preferred Coating Vendors who produce products that offer both superior performance and environmental benefits. 


Coating adhesion and performance is significantly improved when the coating is  applied in a controlled environment, meaning your home will need less maintenance and will look more beautiful, longer.